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We love knowing that finds from Hobnob add character to your home and help make it a unique place that represents you alone. And if you spend the upcoming season with a little more sass in your step because of some great earrings or fun graphic tee - well then we're cheering you on! We couldn't be happier that our story has connected with yours.  

The First Ever Hobnob Market in 2012

It all started when Scott and I hosted our very first Hobnob Market in November 2012 with a holiday theme. The 20-vendor market was at the Beef House Banquet Center in Covington, IN. Quite honestly that first group of vendors did us a BIG favor. All we gave them was our word that we would jury the market for quality, run the market with high standards, and advertise/network as much as we possibly could. That first event drew 800 shoppers. We were thunderstruck to say the least! Almost a decade years later and we still can’t believe the amazing support and what it’s grown to be.

Meet the Founders, Holly and Scott Snelling

We met in 2007 on eHarmony. Scott was getting ready to leave Indiana behind and move to Hawaii but we quickly realized we were kindred spirits and planned a wedding before the year was out. We're 10 years apart in age but It's amazing how often we'll watch or read something and be thinking the exact same thing or have the same comment. eHarmony knows what they're doing!

We began Hobnob Market in 2012 after some soul-searching on how we really wanted to live and raise our kids. His schedule had been killing him and trying the market (while scary) was a way out of continuing in a harsh working environment that held absolutely no joy.

Life is just too short for that. That's why we always encourage anyone dreaming of starting a business to just DO IT. Living a risky reality on your own terms may be scary sometimes but it's SO worth it.

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