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Summer Project - Thrifted Dorm Decor

Summer Project - Thrifted Dorm Decor

Summer is such a fun, easy time to be out & about looking for home decor at yard sales, flea markets, & thrift stores. Pieces that might cost $30-$40 (and are reproduction) at Target or another retailer can be found as cheaply as 50 cents or $1.

So while summer sales are happening every weekend & flea markets are on the calendar, take advantage of the opportunity to begin collecting vintage & newer dorm decor finds for your college-bound kid.

Just in the last few weeks of rummage sales & flea markets, I've seen or purchased...

  • String lights
  • Vintage brass candlesticks & containers/vessels
  • Faux greenery
  • Small accent tables - both ready to go and ready to be made over
  • Wastebaskets
  • Vintage suitcases

  • Wooden easel
  • Vintage crates & baskets
  • Organizers, trays, & totes of ALL sorts
  • Mini fridges
  • Bulletin boards & chalkboards
  • Mirrors
  • Hook racks & mug racks

  • Microwaves
  • Lamps (vintage & newer)
  • 70s-80s style framed prints
  • Throw pillows
  • Cups, mugs, & vases for holding pens & pencils
  • Vintage tape dispensers, thumbtacks, staplers, & pencil sharpeners

I love the idea of putting together a room that didn't come straight from the PB Teen website or Target home decor aisles. There's nothing at all wrong with buying from retailers but mixing in some vintage & thrifted pieces (especially with a thrill-of-the-hunt memory attached) will make the room so much more homey & unique.

Plus the cost savings of buying from yard sales & thrift stores is amazing. It could even be fun to challenge yourself & your college-bound kid to put together a whole dorm look for $300 or less. I'm certain it can be done.

Need more dorm room inspiration? Here ya go.






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