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We’re always looking for new vendors!

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Vintage Vendors

Are you someone who loves to find the best and most unique vintage finds and then display them with an artistic eye? If you spend hours combing auctions, estate sales, and flea markets for the best of the best in vintage then we’d love to hear from you.

Handmade vendors

Do you make stylish handmade goods with a vintage edge? We’re searching for makers whose work is strong both artistically and technically and who have lots of creative display ability.

Selling at Hobnob Market

We’re an easygoing market (no drama here) but we do look for certain types of goods and we choose vendors based on both the assortment and style of their merchandise as well as personality. We seek out friendly, fun-loving, smiling vendors who can help make the market a very happy place to be.

We value:

Amazing, over-the-top displays (like you see in magazines)
Warm & friendly customer service
Attention to detail (cute signs, nice tags/bags/wrapping)
Current, fresh looks in both merchandise and display

Interested in Being a Vendor?

If you’re interested in being a vendor, please contact us at hobnobmarket@comcast.net or via the contact form on this site. The Vendor Registration button above is a portal to choosing a space after you have been accepted.

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