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Why Revival Retreat?

Right now it feels like there are never-ending Must Do lists in my business. I check those constantly & then feel even more overwhelmed as all the extras continue to pile on...keeping up with new social media trends, improving my website or building a website, clearing out my inbox, etc etc. All that before I even have the time for creative work, planning, & fleshing out new ideas. Just wow. Can you relate?

Feeling too busy on top of being confused & overwhelmed only leads to one thing...burnout. Which makes me retreat & just completely avoid everything & everyone. Isn't that mature?

Instead of stomping my feet & throwing up my hands (maybe crying a little too) I've realized when I'm most overwhelmed is when I most NEED to get together with my biz besties & make new plans. Nothing lights me up like digging in & reinvigorating myself somehow. Learning new things, brainstorming, finding fresh inspiration...all of those revive me.

So we're cutting through all the busy & the crazy to help you (and us!) make changes.

Join us for Revival Retreat April 25 & 26, 2023 at The Sixpence - a spectacular barn venue situated among the farm fields north of Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s a peaceful, inspiring location that feels insulated from the world while actually located just minutes away from hotels & city amenities.

Walk into our open arms for a big dose of love & encouragement presented in both larger groups & smaller, cozy gatherings. You’ll have the chance to choose specific topics you want to learn more about plus we’re including plenty of delicious food, opportunities for conversation, and even some special gifts just for you.

Take some time out to treat yourself. Hope to see you there!

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